The most efficient CAD/CAM systems (Catia, Ungraphics, Tebis, etc.), in combination with an in-house library of standardised and parameterised components, are used for the comprehensive development of the 3D mould design. This work system enables us to advance in machining and simulation procedures and provides us with maximum reliability and productivity.


For each project is assigned a direction and a multidisciplinary team of professionals who, applying our know-how, maximize their ability to apply the most appropriate solutions at all times. The criteria of innovation and reliability go hand in hand in the day to day of our work.


Thanks to these resources, we can guarantee the achievement of molds of large dimensions and complexity of design and production. Rheological, static, dynamic and flow simulations are support tools that we use to ensure the design of the project-product.



Manufacturing of moulds using advanced 3D design systems and machining technologies.